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July 20, 2011

Past Notices, News, and Announcements

As notices become dated, but the information contained in them could still be considered relevant to potential Buyers and/or Sellers of Summit County Colorado Real estate, these notices will be moved here.

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Eagle County To Consider Agreement on Homestead Open Space

On Tuesday, the Eagle County Board of County Commissioners will consider an agreement to purchase the East Lake Creek Ranch property for $3.25 million for open space. The property is 160 acres and is adjacent to the Homestead and Creamery Ranch subdivisions in Edwards. The proposal has conditions for obtaining the recommendation from the Open Space Advisory Commission for funding and additional fundraising through the Eagle Valley Land Trust. Public Comment is encouraged at this meeting.

Coalition in Breckenridge Looking To Abolish Term Limits

A group of "business-oriented" individuals in Breckenridge have created a coalition to abolish term limits for Breckenridge Town Council members. The group is citing the concern that one election year there may not be a qualified slate of candidates, and term limits should be abolished to ensure experienced Council members can continue to serve. Next spring, two Council members, Jeffrey Bergeron, and Eric Mamula are term limited. The coalition is headed by a local restaurant owner, and one of the Council members who is term-limited owns two restaurants in town. Some are crying foul saying that it looks like the coalition is being driven by special interests. The coalition must collect more than 400 signatures for the initiative to be on the November ballot.