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July 20, 2011

Washington Real Estate

SAR Seeking Abolition of Dillon Open House Sign Permit and Fee Requirements

The Summit Association of REALTORS® is sending a letter to the Dillon Town Council requesting that the Town's permitting requirements for open house signs be eliminated. The policy currently requires that REALTORS obtain a permit for open houses and pay a $20 fee per application. The policy "allows" REALTORS to list all open houses for the summer on a single application. Typically, REALTORS don't plan open houses and this policy inevitable requires REALTORS to pay $20 for every open house. It also doesn't allow flexibility for the REALTOR because if they decide Saturday morning that they want to have an open house in the afternoon, they cannot, because the policy requires a permit, and town offices are not open on Saturdays.  Dillon is also one of the few towns in the mountains that actually requires a permit for open house signs. In early conversations with Council member and REALTOR Jason Smith, as well as Mayor Holland, the Town is aware of the problem and is prepared to make changes. REALTORS are encouraged to attend the Dillon Town Council meeting on Tuesday, June 21st to show your support for changes to that policy. More details will be forthcoming. 

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