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June 08, 2011

New Mexico Real Estate

Rumors of a bailout lower the US Dollar.

In news across the pond, reports came out last week that Germany is putting together a plan to bailout Greece. The plan would "kick the can down the road" a little longer for Greece, allowing them more time to figure out a strategy to get their debt in order. As a result of these bailout hopes, the Euro was strengthened and the US Dollar dipped lower. Remember, a softer US Dollar helps US Stocks, as US companies benefit from stronger exports with a weakening Dollar. But a lower Dollar isn't so good for Bonds, so this news stalled the rise of Bonds early last week.

Home prices still very affordable.

Moving from Europe back home to the US, we also received new data last week on home prices across the country. According to the 20-city Case-Shiller Home Price Index, prices were down 0.8% in March. Overall, foreclosures and bank-owned sales continue to weigh on housing - and are expected to do so for a couple more quarters. That said, the housing market is very localized, so only a local real estate professional can help you understand where home prices are at in your community.

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