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May 11, 2011

Real Estate Movers

Despite the better-than-expected number of jobs created, the Unemployment Rate ticked up to 9% from 8.8%. The data for the Unemployment Rate comes from an entirely different survey - which is called the Household Survey - and is a bit contradictory to the headline news. This shows that the jobs being created simply aren't enough to have yet made a significant dent in the number of jobless Americans.

Also in the Jobs Report, Average Hourly Earnings were reported up by 0.1% to $22.95 per hour. Hourly earnings have increased by 1.9% year over year, just not enough to create "wage-based inflation," which is where employers have to pump up the prices of their goods and services to cover increased wages. So this was somewhat Bond-friendly news.

Although the Jobs Report was mixed, the overall positive tone does validate that the labor market is gradually improving. As the labor market improves, so will the economy and housing - and with that, interest rates will gradually rise as well. In the short run, the recent rise in Bonds is encouraging. However, after such a strong run higher, it would not be surprising to see more downside follow through in Bonds - which could mean higher home loan rates. The good news is that home loan rates recently reached some of the best levels so far in 2011 - and rumors on Friday that Greece may leave the European Union helped Bonds, as traders sought a safe haven.

That means a window has opened up... but thereís one important point you should understand.

Itís important to note that the last time rates hit this level, they jumped significantly higher from here. Whatís more, signs of inflation are beginning to creep into our economy, which never bodes well for home loan rates. And if the rumors of Greece leaving the European Union turn out to be untrue (as Greece has stated), the safe haven bounce we saw last Friday could quickly be erased. Thatís why itís important to take action now.

It doesnít cost anything to check out your situation, and the choice of moving forward or not will be up to you. Donít miss this window of opportunity to save significantly on your monthly budget. Call or email today to take a look.