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July 20, 2011

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Your Investment in RPAC:

  1. Protects property rights and the business of real estate
  2. Educates leaders on REALTOR issues
  3. Helps elect REALTOR Party candidates

Thanks to forward-thinking REALTORS who have invested in the Political Survival Fund (PSF), we have been able to help elect thousands of Pro-REALTOR candidates to Congress, our state legislature, and to local offices across Colorado. Members have made us the number one trade association political action committee in the nation.

Believe me, elected leaders listen when REALTORS speak.

Your support of the PSF is your opportunity to help elect and support Pro-REALTOR candidates who understand what will keep your business going strong.

You are not only protecting your business against burdensome new regulations and fees, but you are electing leaders who will protect homeowners. You are also making sure that the American Dream of home ownership is affordable for families across Colorado.

You may not know that the PSF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions, outside of dues, from members like you. These resources are directed by members like you too.

The PSF supports REALTOR Party candidates who are strong on our issues; whether they be Democrats, Republicans, or Third Party candidates. These are leaders who understand the issues that are important to your business and the critical role real estate plays in leading us out of this recession.

The PSF will soon identify state and local candidates to support in the critical upcoming 2012 election. Perhaps more than ever before we need to elect officials who understand the role real estate plays in our state and local economies and what will make our sector and our communities stronger.

The PSF has a tremendous record of success. We have supported thousands of candidates for the Colorado Legislature over the years who understand the vital role real estate plays in Colorado's economy.

I hope you will become involved with the PSF this year. You'll be helping to elect officials who will listen to your needs and understand the importance of supporting legislation and regulation that will make your business strong.

After all, it is your right and responsibility as a Coloradoan and an American to select, support, and elect leaders who will help you make your business a success.


Your contributions are voluntary and may be used for political purposes. You may refuse to contribute without affecting your membership rights. 30% of your contribution may be used by RPAC to support federal candidates and other federal grassroots activities. A portion may also be used by the PSC to support state and local candidates and issues and other grassroots activities. Your contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.